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Legal Consulting in Financial, Stock Market and Capital Market Issues

We advance legal consulting tailored in processes of structuring credit operations and linking investors to companies and projects. In these processes we assemble the legal structures oriented to obtain financing, capital or resources according to the needs of the client. Each structure we design incorporates the corresponding legal risk analysis and the preparation of all the legal documents necessary to implement it.

Corporate Legal Consulting - Corporate

Aware of the importance of optimal management, organization and effectiveness in the development of business activities that are part of the day-to-day business, companies, entrepreneurs and their success, our firm offers permanent support or for specific activities in this right area.

Legal Consulting in Real Estate Law

We accompany our clients through the development of consulting and analysis in construction and real estate issues, we structure real estate businesses from the field and construction processes as such, and in finished real estate, in acquisitions of land lots, among others.

Legal consulting in the management, analysis and mitigation of risks against money laundering.

Aware of the importance of prevention policies against money laundering and terrorist financing promoted in the country, and the risk of contagion for any client against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing and the damages or losses that the client may suffer, We have designed this product for the structuring and implementation of a manual aimed at the adequate prevention, detection and administration of the aforementioned risk, which translates into the adoption of clear policies for the administration of that risk, in terms of linking suppliers, customers and shareholders.

Legal consulting in contracting

Our firm has designed this product that allows you to advise on both public and private contracting processes where you want to participate; Among the activities to be developed are the following: Review and advice on the scope of the terms of reference or invitations, comments to them, issuance and assembly of questions, active assistance to the audience, issuance of recommendations for risk mitigation, recommendations and Conceptualization regarding the specific contracting regime, preparation of documents and participation in the process of signing the respective contracts.

Tailored legal consulting for foreign investors.

Taking into account the number of foreigners who are arriving in our country to establish themselves permanently, we have been advancing this consulting that allows us to analyze globally the needs of our client and its projection in Colombia in the short, medium and long term.

Legal advice and support in debt or liability restructuring and negotiation with creditors

Our firm offers comprehensive legal support in debt restructuring processes and negotiation with our clients' creditors, reviewing the legal status of the documents that implement the obligations, the guarantees granted in support of them, loan guarantee relationships (LTV).

Advice on intellectual property, copyright and technology contracts

Taking into account the boom in technology that the world is going through, the development and continuous advancement of new technologies and the value of intangible assets for our customers, we have designed this product that allows us to accompany our customers in accordance with the applicable regulations, develop procedures, trademark registrations, in order to protect and activate these corporate assets

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