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Our firm was created in 2000, by our founding partners; Juan Carlos Cardozo Cruz and Alexandra Coral Luna, who with their extensive professional experience have achieved during the last 14 years, consolidate the firm and a portfolio of very important local and foreign clients, which have remained and grown over time, together with our firm . We have been and we project ourselves as a firm with vision and strategic projection having as main interest the consolidation of long-term relationships and accompaniment to our clients, not only in legal matters, because all our alliances and contacts are available to them, to add value in business management.


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Founding partner of our firm. Lawyer from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga.

Founding partner of our firm.

Lawyer from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, with a Master's Degree in Economic Law from the Javeriana University.


Extensive experience in financial institutions, capital markets, mortgage issues, investment banking, business structuring with financial and legal vision. He has been an advisor to banks, financial institutions, transport companies, logistics, securities and global businesses related to the stock market. He is currently a member of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Mercantile Exchange of Colombia, of the Investment Committee of the Private Capital Fund IA Capital, consulting attorney for the FITCH RATINGS rating agency, is part of the Colombia Capital project of the Colombian Stock Exchange and member of the Control Commission of the Voluntary Pension Fund of Colfondos among other Activities.

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Founding partner of our firm, Lawyer of the Universidad del Rosario specialist in technology issues.


Founding partner of our firm, Lawyer of the Universidad del Rosario specialist in technology issues, with extensive experience in technological negotiations, in commercial, corporate, business and transport law. Lawyer with experience in intellectual property.

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Partner graduated from the Universidad del Rosario, bilingual, specialist in Business Law, and with pecialist in Business Law and specialization in commercial law from the Universidad del Rosario.
Rosario University, with twelve years of experience in commercial, corporate, business and transportation law,
corporate, business and transportation law. Current director (in - house) of corporate legal affairs of Brinks de Colombia S.A. S.A. de C.V. corporate affairs of Brinks de Colombia S.A.



A lawyer from the Universidad de Los Andes and a specialist in Financial Law and Capital markets at Javeriana University.  Felipe is five years old. Experience in commercial and financial matters, particularly in legal business structuring, fiduciary schemes, Capital Funds, Private, project financing, and commercial contracts. Knowledgeintermediate in corporate finance and a special interest in entrepreneurship and innovation.



Cum Laude Lawyer from the Military University Nueva Granada

with a specialization in "Insurance and Social Security" University of La Sabana, with more than 20 years of experience in financial institutions, in corporate, corporate, insurance and regulatory compliance issues (Sarlaft, Sagrlaft, etc,). Legal Vice President and Regulatory Compliance of Allianz Seguros S.A. for more than 10 years. Public Accountant with a specialization in Finance from EAFIT University, with more than 15 years of experience in the real and Financial sector.

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Lawyer from Universidad del Rosario

with a specialization in commercial law and specialization in taxation from the Universidad de Los Andes. He has worked in the fourth section of the council of state in tax matters and constitutional actions speaks Spanish, English, and Italian, and is currently in charge of the tax law area of the firm.


Mariana Navarro

Lawyer from the Universidad de Los Andes with an Academic Option in Business Administration, with an emphasis on management and an emphasis on entrepreneurship, and an Academic Option in Journalism. She is an Academic Assistant of the Specialization in International Business Law at the Universidad de Los Andes and part of the team that graduated from the Seedbed of Corporate Law at the same University. She has an advanced level of English and two years of work experience in corporate, commercial, and general secretarial matters; specifically in structuring and financing of projects, structuring of family assets, and corporate transactions (capitalizations, sale of shares, and others).

Manuela Cardozo
Daniela Quijano

Lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario with certified deepening in Constitutional Law, she is currently finishing the specialization in Corporate and Business Law at the Universidad del Rosario. Daniela has two years of experience in commercial matters and general secretariat, review of commercial contracts, trademark matters, and review and structuring of corporate Regulatory Compliance programs. She studied the Protection to Action diploma at the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

Lawyer from Universidad de los Andes, specializing in Public Management and Administrative Institutions from the same university. She has an advanced level of English and 3 years of experience in the public sector; she in matters related to administrative management, normative regulation and articulation with the private sector. She has a diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing from Cesa.

Valentina Cortés
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Alejandro Cardozo

Undergraduate student in Law and option in Social Psychology at the Universidad de Los Andes. She is currently a member of the Debtors and Rights Research Seedbed of the same university. She has command of Spanish, English and German.

Undergraduate student at Universidad de los Andes, currently working as an intern at the firm Cardozo Coral Asociados.
is fluent in Spanish and French.


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Karelys Uzcátegui Camacho.

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Daniela Carlosama

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María Dominga Fraile Ocampo


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We are linked to the Colombia Capital Program, as legal advisors in the Capital Market. Colombia Capital is an agreement signed between the Colombian Stock Exchange, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and nine associated entities: Chambers of Commerce of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Bucaramanga, ANDI, ASOFONDOS, Financial Superintendence, DECEVAL and PROEXPORT, which aims to expand the depth of the capital market through the development of alternative long-term financing and investment mechanisms for companies and investors.

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We actively participate in the INNPULSA Colombia program as an institution of support, accompaniment and advice to entrepreneurs in the process of consolidating their business idea, in order to promote Innovative Dynamic Entrepreneurship in the country, supporting our entrepreneurs and their ideas.

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