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Legal Financial Consulting, Securities and Capital Markets Issues

a) 2.1.1 Legal Operations Structuring Capital Markets

Aware of the current importance that our clients have in the obtention of resources, our firm advances consultancies emission processes of structuring capital market processes such as asset securitization, bond, collective funds and private equity funds as investment vehicles.

Our job is to prepare all the legal documents through which the process will be implemented, analyze its related risks, meet and monitor the proceedings of the rating and be Financial Supervision and support and consultant from the legal point of view in the process of placing the titles. Our relationships with the financial sector allow us to reference our customers and support them in the selection of management agents, trustees and underwriters.

Legal structure for different types of mutual funds, trust vehicles, Offshore structures, bond issues, Securitizations.

b) Legal Structuring Trust in Business.

We support our clients throughout the structuring of trust business in Colombia, under the current commercial regulation and the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

On structuring efforts we analyze the most convenient vehicle according to the needs of our customers , linked risks, generating a review of the recommendations for the trust structure and we sustain it to the client. Our advice ranges from the preparation of all legal documentation through the negotiation of the same structure with the other parties involved in the business.

Our experience includes:

  • The full range of trust business.
  • Trust management contracts.
  • Commercial trust management and administration payments and payment source, source of payment and security, property management and economic rights. 
  • Property trusts as the basis of business and real estate projects (parking and real estate trusts).
  • Family Trusts (Family Office), among others.
c) 2.1.3 Legal advice in financial, consulting and market type processes

Bearing in mind the background of the case and the business objectives of our client, our firm will advance legal analysis according to the customer needs, for answering inquiries or questions in financial and securities legal matters. The product of our work will be a legal conceptualization that allow the client to make business decisions in the financial or trading field.

d) Legal opinions in bound risk qualifiers and on securitization operations

Our firm issues, as suggested by the risk rating agencies, independent legal reviews of the structure and legal risks associated with asset securitization transactions in real estate issues, future cash flow and credit assets. In these reviews, the whole structure of the securitization, credit support mechanisms or mechanisms coverage and all the legal documents through which analyzes the structure is implemented and legal review with recommendations for adjustment and / or issues legal compliance of these documents