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Legal Financial Consulting, Securities and Capital Markets Issues

We anticipate legal advice to the measure in processes of structuring credit transactions and linking investors to companies and projects. In these processes assemble legal structures designed to obtain financing, capital or resources according to customer needs. Each design incorporates the structure corresponding legal risk analysis and preparation of all legal documents necessary for implement them.

More specifically in this area we have the following products:

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Corporate Legal Consultancy

Aware of the importance of optimal management, organization and effectiveness in the development of business activities that are part of everyday business, our firm provides ongoing support or for specific activities in this area of ​​law.

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Legal Consulting in Real Estate

We support our customers through the development of analysis and consulting in construction and real estate issues, real estate businesses, structured from the context.

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Legal Consultancy analysis, risk mitigation in money laundering

Aware of the importance of prevention policies against money laundering and terrorist financing promoted in the country, and the risk of contagion that exist for any customer against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, understanding that this can damage the customer reputation, we have designed this product to the structuring and implementation of a project to adequate prevention, detection and risk management mentioned manually, resulting in the adoption of clear policies for managing this risk, in regards to linking suppliers, customers and shareholders.

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Legal Consultancy in recruitment

Our firm has designed this product that allows advise in process both public and private recruitment where you want to participate, among the activities to be developed include: Review and advise on extent of the terms of reference or invitations, comments thereof, issuance and installation questions, actively assist the hearings, issuing recommendations for risk mitigation recommendations and conceptualization in terms of specific recruitment arrangements, preparation of documents and participation in the underwriting process of the respective contracts.

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Legal advice for foreign investors

Considering the number of foreigners who are coming to our country to settle permanently, we create this consultancy to analyze comprehensively the needs of our client and its projection in Colombia in a short, medium and long term.

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Advice and legal support in the restructuration of debts with creditors

Our firm provides a complete legal support in restructuring process negotiations with creditors and customers, reviewing the legal status of the documents that orchestrate the obligations,checking the guarantees provided in support of them.

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Legal advice on intellectual property, copyright and technology contracts

Taking into account the boom in technology the world is facing, the development of new technologies and the value of intangible assets for our clients, we have designed this product that allows us to support our customers in accordance with the applicable regulations, develop procedures, trademarks, to protect corporate assets and enable these.

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