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Our firm was founded in 2000 by our founders, Juan Carlos Cardozo Cruz, JuanPablo Coral Luna and Alexandra Coral Luna, who with his long career have achieved over the last 14 years, consolidating the firm and a client portfolioimportant local and foreign, who have remained and grown over time, and our firm.We have been and we project ourselves as a company with vision and strategic projection with the main interest the consolidation of long-term relationships andsupport to our customers, not only in legal issues, as available to them are all ouralliances and contacts, to add value in business management.

Our Team

Carolina Inostroza Rojas

Lawyer of the Javeriana University with specialization in Finance and Capital Markets Law from Externado University.

Juan Camilo Ayala

Lawyer from Rosario University, with deeping studies in Commercial Law.

Marcela Alejandra Navas

Lawyer from Autonoma University,with extensive experience in the development and structuring of contracts Trustees.

Maria Carolina Ortiz Rojo

Lawyer of Rosario University with specialization in Financial Law at the University of the Andes.

Milena Caro Pulido

Business Administrator of the EAN university, currently student of specialization in Financial Management in the same university


We are linked to Colombia Capital Program, as legal counsel in the Capital Market.Colombia Capital is an agreement between the Stock Exchange of Colombia, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and nine partners: Chambers of Commerce of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Bucaramanga, ANDI, ASOFONDOS, Financial Superintendency and DECEVAL PROEXPORT which aims to deepen the capital market through the development of alternative funding mechanisms and long-term investment for companies and investors.

We actively participate in the program as Innpulsa Colombia institution support, assistance and advice to entrepreneurs in the process of consolidating theirbusiness idea, in order to promote the Dynamic Innovative Entrepreneurship in the country, supporting our entrepreneurs and their ideas.


• Our firm conducts joint activities with the organization "HandsOn Bogotá", this is avolunteer organization based on the model of HandsOn Network, a member of thePoints of Light Institute of America. This network, with over 20 years experience inservice and volunteerism, has 250 volunteer centers in the U.S. and in more than15 countries around the world. HandsOn Bogota joins with the newest members of the region as Curacao and Panama, established in Rio, El Salvador, Guatemalaand Honduras.